Capturing New Dishes to Entice Return Customers

A Fresh Menu's Charm

& The Magic of Stellar Photography

Often, restaurants have the challenge of constantly refreshing their menus to keep things interesting for customers. They need to innovate with new dishes that capture diners' interest. However, the difficulty arises in effectively showcasing these new offerings to entice customers without the benefit of tasting or smelling them first. Achieving the right balance between introducing innovative dishes and attracting attention to them is key, yet without visual appeal, even the most exciting new menu items might not reach their potential to draw customers back.

Here at Cornerstone Photography, nestled in the heart of South Devon, we aim to simplify this process for restaurants. Our focus extends beyond mere photography; we collaborate with our restaurant partners to weave captivating stories around their food. A constantly evolving menu not only maintains interest but also fuels desire for more. Our job is to capture the soul of your creations and make sure they become equally irresistible both to your fanbase and those soon-to-be foodies.

The Snapshot of Success:

Photography's Pivotal Role in Seasonal Menus

Our approach to the photography of your delicious dishes does more. We seek to capture the very essence, not only of the mouth-watering taste buds but the tingling sensation that will make your menu really pop. Think of our photographs as ambassadors for your cuisine, evoking desire and anticipation with every glance. Our experience taught us this simple tenet: an evocative image can turn curiosity into craving, bringing patrons back to your doorstep, ready for what's new.

Colouful close up photography of beautiful scallop dish
A new dish isn't just a meal; it's a narrative waiting to be told, and one photo at a time, we tell that story.

Behind the Scenes:

Crafting the Perfect Shot

So the star of our shoot is really a blend of your culinary artistry and photographic skill. From the lighting to the colour palette, from the details to the location, our shared skills makes sure each dish looks the part and tells a part of your story.

A Picture Worth a Thousand Flavours:

Storytelling Through Imagery

Every ingredient, every dish, every menu—the history of an item from the farm to the table and the light bulb in the mind of the chef. Our photographs will be the link between your kitchen and your customers' imaginations, letting them feel the ambiance and the ethos of your dining experience.

This visual storytelling creates a connection, turning casual diners into part of your culinary family.

Deconstructed Apple Pie at 27Devon
It's about capturing not just a meal, but a moment, a taste, an experience.

Crafting Culinary Elegance:

Our Love for Fine Dining and Local Produce

For us, at Cornerstone Photography, this desire to showcase the elegance of tasteful restaurant venues goes beyond profession and borders on unrestrained passion. Working with some of the finest dining establishments, each with its own story to tell, has been a pleasure. Not to mention the post shoot testing sessions!

Digital Appetisers:

The Art of Online Engagement

In the world of clicks and likes, great photography is your best friend. Our photography sets the scene for your digital marketing, add your storyline, and call to action, and you have a recipe for success.

Whether these are behind-the-scenes Instagram shot, the hero image in your most recent newsletter, or your regular website updates, these photos act as lures that bring audiences deeper into your culinary story and make every post a prologue to the next dish.

Gastro Pub food in Beesandas, Devon
Fine Dining Photography in Kingsbridge
Honeycomb sprinkled over Pub Dessert

The Feedback Loop:

Engaging and Evolving

Social media is not a broadcasting but rather a conversation platform. Get into a talk on your new dishes. Engage and grow your community, as well as getting valuable insights for your next culinary innovation.

This constant engagement is the basis for growth and customer contentment, and so each and every input is a stepping stone towards perfection.

The Journey Continues:

Savour the New, Cherish the Journey

At Cornerstone Photography, we are not merely photographers; we are storytellers, partners in your journey to delight and wow. We make it our ongoing mission to refresh your menu, making sure your offer is dynamic, inviting, and infinitely moreish.

Join us, where the magic of new dishes awaits, and each of those stories beckons a return visit. Learn more about how we can bring your dishes to life at Cornerstone Photography.

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