The Golden Balance: Finding the Right Weather for Your Property Shoot

Maximise your property’s visual appeal with insights on the ideal weather for property shoots. Discover tips for every climate at Cornerstone Photography.
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Featured image for “Capturing New Dishes to Entice Return Customers”

Capturing New Dishes to Entice Return Customers

A changing menu is an exciting one; it keeps you craving more, and then, more again. Our job is to capture the soul of your creations and make sure they become equally irresistible both to your fanbase and those soon-to-be foodies.
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Featured image for “The Gong Fu of Photography”

The Gong Fu of Photography

This is not about Kung Fu martial arts, it is not even about martial arts in general… it is about the original meaning of gōngfu and how it relates to learning the craft of photography
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Featured image for “Frances Gynn Paintings: Accurate colour photography”

Frances Gynn Paintings: Accurate colour photography

To a painter, colour is a vital part of their work. An artist will go to great lengths to create exactly the right hues and tones for their artwork.
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Featured image for “Martial Portraits”

Martial Portraits

Martial Arts portraits from various top level Martial Artists.. covering Shotokan, & Silat. Some of these are local to Devon, some from around the UK and some from visiting Martial Artists from Malaysia
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Featured image for “Kingsbridge Food & Music Festival 2016”

Kingsbridge Food & Music Festival 2016

Just a little heads up that the gallery & shop is now open for the Kingsbridge Food & Music Festival 2016…
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Featured image for “The Village Blacksmith”

The Village Blacksmith

Some projects are thought up, and put into action in a heart beat, while others are a slow burn.. My latest photo shoot with the Village Blacksmith, Ian Thackray, has been over 2 years in the planning! The skill, hardwork and time it takes to become a skilled craftsman such as Ian is fast becoming a rare achievement in today’s fast paced
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