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The Gong Fu of Photography

1st November, 2020
This is not about Kung Fu martial arts, it is not even about martial arts in general… it is about the original meaning of gōngfu and how it relates to learning the craft of photography
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The Village Blacksmith

17th January, 2016
Some projects are thought up, and put into action in a heart beat, while others are a slow burn.. My latest photo shoot with the Village Blacksmith, Ian Thackray, has been over 2 years in the planning! The skill, hardwork and time it takes to become a skilled craftsman such as Ian is fast becoming a rare achievement in today’s fast paced
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Liam Grange – Martial Artist

16th August, 2011
Last week, I posted a little sneak peak into a martial arts photo shoot I did with Liam. It has been a busy week in between then and now, with work being like buses and all arriving at once.  I love being busy, but I really wanted to get these images edited as the shoot was so much fun. Liam
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