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Seaside Pub Food Photograph
Fine Dining Food Photography
Gastro Pub Food Photographer
Cocktail Photography in Devon
Honeycomb being sprinkled over a dessert

In the vibrant culinary landscape of Devon & Cornwall, the visual allure of your dishes and beverages is crucial in attracting the discerning foodie. At Cornerstone Photography, we excel in transforming your gastronomic delights into breathtaking visual narratives. As one of the leading food photographers in the region, our expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of culinary photography, including restaurants, hotel cuisine, gastro pubs, and an exquisite array of drinks photography, from refreshing cocktails to elegant bottle shots.

By capturing authentic images of real, edible food without resorting to any inedible stand-ins, we foster a deeper sense of trust among your patrons. The added benefit is tasting these culinary delights once the shot is complete.

Restaurant Dining Photography. Dinner for two
Fresh and vibrant dessert on a crisp white plate
Sauce being poured over a perfectly cooked steak

Crafting Visual Delicacies for Restaurants in Devon & Cornwall

In the competitive restaurant scene of the South West, your culinary creations are more than just meals; they're an experience awaiting discovery. Our food photography captures the essence of your dishes, emphasising the freshness, colours, and textures that distinguish your menu. We harness the power of imagery to entice food enthusiasts to explore your offerings, ensuring every plate you present is as visually appealing as it is delectable.

Lobster and Steak in a hotel restaurant
Fine Dining Fish Restaurant
Sizzling steak on the Josper

A Visual Feast for Hotel Cuisine

The elegance and diversity of hotel cuisine deserves photography that reflects its quality and sophistication. Whether it's a lavish breakfast spread, a luxurious dinner setting, or the exclusive ambiance of your dining areas, our photographs narrate a story of comfort, indulgence, and culinary excellence. We capture the ambiance and the meticulous details that make your hotel's dining experience in Devon & Cornwall unforgettable.

Gastro Pub Divine Burger
Perfect Pub Fish and Chips
Perfectly Cooked Steak served with Lobster

Gastro Pubs: Where Culinary Art Meets Casual Dining

Gastro pubs in Devon & Cornwall have redefined casual dining with their unique fusion of traditional pub atmosphere and gourmet food offerings. Our food photography services are tailored to highlight the hearty, innovative dishes that set your gastro pub apart. From classic favourites with a modern twist to contemporary culinary experiments, we ensure the casual, yet refined essence of your gastro pub is perfectly captured in every image.
Cocktail being shaken by bar staff
Cut out Rum bottle product with transparent shadow
Diplomatico Rum Cocktail with mango dust

Celebrating the Art of Drinks Photography

The art of mixology and drinks presentation is an integral part of the dining experience in Devon & Cornwall. Our specialised drinks photography focuses on capturing the allure of your beverages, from the vibrant hues of cocktails to the sophisticated grace of bottle shots. We pay meticulous attention to the interplay of light, reflections, and the intricate details that make each drink a visual masterpiece.

Honeycomb crumb, strawberry dust and home made icecream
Chef plating up a delicious fish dish
Spicy sweet chilli prawns served in busy Devon Restaurant

Our Approach

As one of Devon & Cornwall's leading food photographers, we believe in a collaborative process. We engage closely with chefs, mixologists, and your team to capture the vision behind every dish and drink. Our approach includes:

  • Pre-shoot Consultation: Understanding your brand, menu, and the specific highlights you wish to capture in Devon & Cornwall.
  • Styled Shoots: Utilising props, backgrounds, and lighting to complement the aesthetics of your culinary and beverage creations.
  • Post-production Excellence: Refining images to ensure they meet the high standards of your brand and resonate with your target audience.
The Ultimate Hotdog and fries
Fine Dining meal served at Valentines

Why Choose Us?

  • Local Expertise: Our deep understanding of the Devon & Cornwall culinary scene sets us apart.
  • Quality and Precision: We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our work, with meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring your offerings are showcased in the best possible light.
  • Collaborative Spirit: We work in partnership with our clients to realise their vision, ensuring the final images perfectly reflect their brand identity.

In a digital age where the first impression is often online, let us help you make that initial interaction memorable. Elevate your culinary and beverage presentation with images that capture the imagination and taste buds of your potential patrons.

If you're ready to take your restaurant, hotel, gastro pub, or beverage offerings in Devon & Cornwall to the next level with professional photography that tells your unique story, contact us today. Let's create visual delicacies that complement the exceptional quality and passion behind your culinary creations.

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