Martial Portraits

Recently I have been fortunate enough to have shot a lot more martial arts portraits and I thought it would be nice to do a little round up of the amazing martial artists that I have had the pleasure to working with.

During the month of April I travelled around the UK, as far north as Harrogate & East Midlands, and South as far as South Devon, Sussex & London. At each location I was both training martial arts (Taiji & Eskrima) and photographing martial arts.

April consisted of personal shoots (seen below) and photos for an upcoming Taiji book by my teacher, Nigel Sutton which I'll be able to share at a later date. This post today will concentrate on the personal photoshoots during the trip in April and a martial arts photoshoot for Shotokan Instructor Ash Hawkes in our local Kingsbridge, Devon.

Silat - Malaysian martial arts

The Silat photos below were taken in a nearby forest outside of Nottingham and featuring Nigel Sutton, his wife Fong Sutton and Don Harradine.

Shotokan - Japanese Karate

The Shotokan karate photos below are part of series for Ash Hawkes, and include his wife Sall Hawkes and son Jay Hawkes. Additional appearances by Mary Egginton and Eddie Sliwinski

About the Teachers

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