Working Together – Hair Advice Centre

I have mentioned before that I am a great believer in building ongoing relationships with my clients.. Like most relationships, the more you get to know each other, the better the results. Working Together, rather than for short term profit, is the open secret to creating a successful business.

With that in mind I would like to tell you more about a client that I have been working with since 2011. The Hair Advice Centre in Kingsbridge is run by Sara Antoniades & Simon Finch and it is hard to find anyone more passionate about hairdressing! The best way to describe HAC is a London quality experience in deepest darkest South Devon, providing the best that both can offer.

Back in 2011 Sara asked if I would photograph their Summer Garden party (as can be seen at the start of the gallery below)..

Since that time we have photographed Model shoots, Staff photos, Training seminars and even worked on weddings together.

Working Together on many projects leads to better photographs that exceed the client's needs. We become a team that help each other to be better. I have learnt more about specific requirements of hair photography through my partnership with Hair Advice Centre and improved my photography skillset as I've been challenged to produce quality photography in sometimes quite small spaces.

A side benefit of having a good relationship with HAC has been the wide variety of referrals I have received.. everything from Weddings to headshots, Property shoots to Product photography and the most delightful cake shop in Totnes. I also recommend Sara to my clients as much for her skill as her 'can do' attitude..

..and I am really looking forward to our future projects together.

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